Self-defense is the true essence of Kung Fu training.

Chin Na is self-defense in its most effective form.

To learn how to defend yourself without inflicting serious injury on your opponent; to show compassion in the face of aggression; Chin Na reflects the core values of Kung Fu.

Through KUNGFU REPUBLIC online training, you will learn how to neutralize attacks that come your way – physically and spiritually.

What is Chin Na Training?

Chin Na or grappling skills lock out an opponent’s muscle or joint to render them unable to attack temporarily.

In almost every Chinese Kung Fu training, Chin Na is the standard self-defense approach. Even international close-combat martial arts, such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu are inspired by the technique.

At KUNGFU REPUBLIC, we teach our students how to get out of and force the opponents into locks, traps, and holds.

Every attack can differ, but by identifying 36 joints and pressure points, Chin Na trainees can defuse any threat.

Chin Na Training Categories

China Na training extends beyond tournaments and combats. It can come in handy in any real-life situation.

When faced with a threat, several Chin Na techniques can be used:

  • Fen Jin: tearing opponent’s tendons or muscles.
  • Cuo Gu: misplacing the joints and bones to hinder movement.
  • Dian Xue: attacking on pressure points.
  • Bi Qi: preventing opponents from breathing freely.
  • Rou Da: soft techniques for training.

To implement these techniques, our free online Kung Fu training focuses on improving the accuracy, steadiness, and swiftness of the student.

Learn Chin Na with the Masters

Knowing how to protect yourself is an empowering feeling.

At KUNGFU REPUBLIC, the most experienced and renowned martial arts experts pass on their self-defense training to students.

Men and women; young people  and adults; all can benefit from our online Kung Fu training.

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