Kung Fu training never stops.

You can always get better, improve your skills, strengthen your body and mind.

At KUNGFU REPUBLIC, we aim to not only familiarize you with special Kung Fu techniques but also help you gain mastery over them.

Iron Palm

Iron Palm training involves striking barehanded with immense force without hurting yourself.

To help students acquire this powerful technique, we focus on these aspects:

  • Striking hard objects to make limbs stronger.
  • Correct technique instead of brute force.
  • Channeling Qi and coordinating breathing to gain concentration.

Starting with training bags, you will move on to find that you have the power to strike even steel.

Iron Arms

A special Kung Fu technique only the truly determined can learn. Iron arms training involves wearing heavy Mandarin duck rings on your arms to build iron-like muscles.

Not only do we help you bring power into your offensive moves, but your self-defense and resistance also increases multifold.

Weapons Kung Fu

Weapons training has always played an important part in Chinese Kung Fu. At Kung Fu Republic, we emphasize more on their self-defense aspect.

The main weapons our skilled students learn are:

  • Jian (Sword)
  • Gun (Staff)
  • Dao (Sabre)
  • Qiang (Spear)

In our Kung Fu training, we teach students how to move swiftly with these weapons and use them most effectively.

Bodyguard Training

A bodyguard is a noble profession. From staying alert for hours on end to reacting on impulse to sudden threats, the task is equally challenging.

Our free online Kung Fu training prepares students pursuing this career to deal with all kinds of situations.

How to remain vigilant; how to defend yourself those in your protection; how to disarm an attacker; our masters equip bodyguards to act accordingly.

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