Intense, rapid, and energetic; Shaolin Kung Fu training brings out the best abilities in a student.

Shaolin is one of the oldest yet most popular forms of Chinese Kung Fu or Wushu.

At KUNGFU REPUBLIC, we focus on delivering authentic Kung Fu training, the Chinese way. From cultural values to combat skills, you can become a part of the Shaolin tradition.

Aspects of Shaolin Kung Fu Training

Shaolin is a complete martial art — an amalgamation of various styles and techniques.

Shaolin combat methods are taught via forms. From holistic Kung Fu styles, such as Chang Quan, basic Kung Fu skills and Qigong  to fighting techniques of Chin Na , Shaolin Kung Fu Training covers it all.

In Kung Fu lessons with KUNGFU REPUBLIC masters, students learn how to participate in combat barehanded and equipped with weapons.

We teach you how to rely on your skills and adapt to any situation.

Shaolin Kung Fu Training – Step-by-Step

In the early days, Shaolin monks found it difficult to keep up with the intense training for Wushu. Special postures and positions were introduced to boost the fitness and alertness of students.

That is how we start too.

Our masters slowly condition students to the basic stance and flexibility techniques. As you learn, the difficulty level rises and your skill enhances.

Advanced Shaolin Kung Fu training also brings in other martial arts and weapon training.

Online Shaolin Kung Fu Classes

Once Shaolin Kung Fu was restricted to monasteries. It has grown across the world.

You don’t have to come to China or reside in a monastery to learn the Chinese way.

Our free online Kung Fu training lets you become a part of the Shaolin community from anywhere in the world.

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