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Tai Chi Quan – supreme ultimate fist

Tai Chi Training at KUNGFU REPUBLIC

Graceful movements and calm flow; Tai Chi represents the epitome of balance in Chinese Kung Fu.

Beyond self-defense and physical combat, the martial art technique carries a world of wisdom within.
As one of the rarest and most prestigious martial art forms, Tai Chi takes immense concentration and dedication to master.
At KUNGFU REPUBLIC, we take a step-by-step approach to learning various forms of Tai Chi.

The key to Tai Chi training, as our masters put it, is calmness and relaxation.

The slow movements and sequences come from the tranquility inside. As one progresses, they move to faster yet equally smooth sequences.

Kung Fu Training Embedded in Culture

Originating from Taoism, Tai Chi is the physical manifestation of the yin and yang symbol, Taijitu — the balance between light and dark.

Varying theories have been formed of the beginning of Tai Chi. In truth, the values of peace and wisdom in Tai Chi are timeless. Just like Taijitu, where opposites become one, Tai Chi movements revolve around harmony and connection, flowing endlessly.

At our Tai Chi training classes, our aim is to instill these values in our audience.

A Unique Tai Chi Form: Tai Yi Tai Chi

Very few people have had the honour of becoming part of this tradition, as one of the rarest and secret Tai Chi forms, Tai Yi Tai Chi, you can only learn at KUNGFU REPUBLIC.

Shifu Daniel Wang is the 38th generational lineage holder of Tai Yi Tai Chi,  he will teach you the secrets of Taoist Tai Yi Tai Chi Chuan.

Tai Chi Training Benefits

Ha Harnessing the peace inside and the balance of movements, Tai Chi is an effective form of internal and external healing.

  • Reducing stress and bringing clarity, Tai Chi enhances thinking capabilities.
  • It promotes healthy living by helping shed weight.
  • Chronic diseases are prevented and cured by allowing the nervous system to function optimally.